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Mobile Autocare Modbury

Have you ever put off taking your car to be serviced?

Evan from Express Mobile Auto Care Modbury is here to make your life easier!

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Nowadays we tend to rely heavily on our vehicles to get us around.  Imagine if something goes wrong with your car and you have to rely on public transport to pick up the kids from school or to get home with your groceries – how inconvenient!  Without having your car serviced by a mechanic, this could be your reality!  Despite driving a car daily, many people do not have their car serviced regularly. Ultimately this can lead to significant and costly car repairs, as well as other issues such as:

  • You may experience engine failure and expensive repairs
  • Your car may become less fuel efficient
  • Your car may breakdown
  • Your car’s brakes may not function effectively
  • Your car will experience general wear and tear
  • The tyres on your car may be worn down and unsafe

Are you going to have your current car forever?  The majority of us will decide to sell our car at some point in time.   When that time comes, having your car serviced regularly by Evan will increase your cars resale value.  Who doesn’t want that?  As an added bonus, Evan runs a mobile service, which makes getting your car serviced much more convenient.  Gone are the days of organising how to drop off and pick up your car from the garage!  Evan can come to you at your home, or even at your place of work and complete minor repairs in a punctual manner.   Express Mobile Auto Care Modbury also offers flexible appointments to suit your busy schedule.

For your peace of mind Evan is fully insured and professionally trained.  Evan also has over 30 years’ experience in the mechanical industry so you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands.  Evan not only offers unbeatable customer service but is also committed to ensuring that you receive many years of good use from your vehicle through providing you with an outstanding service, all at an affordable price. Life is stressful enough without the constant worry that your car is going to break down!  If you are on the hunt for an affordable, experienced and honest mechanic, you can’t go past Express Mobile Auto Care Modbury!  Contact Evan today for your free, non-obligation quote.

Express Mobile Auto Care Modbury is available throughout:

Modbury, Modbury North, Salisbury, Golden Grove, Wynn Vale, and surrounding areas.

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