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Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspections

Car and Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspections

Looking to buy a car? It’s always best to get it checked by a professional to make sure you are getting a reliable and safe vehicle. Call Express Mobile Auto Care, we will come to the location of the car no matter where it is.*

Car and Vehicle Inspections start at $140 (mechanical) on site!

vehicle inspection

The smart way to buy your next vehicle 

Thinking of buying a used motor vehicle? Express Mobile Auto Care will inspect your next purchase and provide you with a comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspection report covering all components, we will inspect petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

Our pre purchase vehicle inspection reports are unbiased, independent, and free of any car dealer or private alliances, our only interest is in providing you the highest quality and most accurate vehicle inspections, providing you with peace of mind

Vehicle Inspections The modern motor vehicle in particular is a complex piece of engineering, for a small investment we will provide you with a report that could save you thousands of dollars.

What Is Included in Express Auto Care Inspection?

A List of what is inspected:

    1, Check for damage to bodywork panels.
    2, Check for damage to lamps and trims.
    3, Check doors and locks operation
    4, Check Glass and Mirrors
    5, Check interior condition
    6, Check condition of all seat belts.
    7, Check operation of interior and exterior lights.
    8, Check operation of ABS and/or air bag warning lights.
    9, Check windscreen washers and wipers.
    10, Check horn.
    11, Check operation of suspension shocks.
    12, Check charge, temperature and oil indicators
    13, Check heater, demister systems
    14, Check Air conditioning
    15 Check fuel cap.
    16, Check cooling system.
    17, Check brake fluid.
    18, Check all auxiliary drive belts.
    19, Check engine breather system.
    20, Check vacuum pipes.

A List of what is inspected:

    21, Check power steering operation and fluid condition.
    22, Check. Engine noises, Fumes and Exhaust smoke
    23, Check battery level.
    24, Check all under bonnet fluid levels.
    25, Check Mounts
    26, Check fuel lines and brake pipes.
    27, Check the condition and security of the exhaust.
    28, Check rear axle and transfer box oil levels.
    29, Check gear box oil level.
    30, Check all steering and suspension joints, mounting and gaiters.
    31, Carry out tyre check. Including spare tyre
    32, Check all wheel bearings for excessive ‘play’ and noise.
    33, Check CV boots and joints for wear or splits.
    34, Check clutch adjustment.
    35, Check operation
    36, Check condition of front brakes.
    37, Check operation and condition of rear brakes, including handbrake.
    38, Road test vehicle and report any findings.
    39, Check Speedo operation
    40, Check Engine performance and drive train operation

Terms And Conditions:

Express Mobile Auto Care Pre-Purchase Inspection provides an objective, independent viewpoint on the general mechanical, electrical and structural condition of the motor vehicle. The assessment is based on a non-invasive external and operating inspection only and is valid at the time of the appraisal only. The inspection will not identify any hidden defects, intermittent problems, problems that cannot be identified on a visual inspection or become evident after the inspection.

Express Mobile Auto Care will use all reasonable care and skill in completing its examination of the vehicle and in the preparation of the report. This is a limited inspection and we do not warrant the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase. The inspection report will not identify whether any of the systems or parts of the vehicle will continue to operate acceptably. For coverage of potential future repairs you could consider purchasing a Mechanical Warranty Insurance policy.

Express Mobile Auto Care prepares the report for the customer named in the report and is under no obligation to supply information on the inspection or supply a copy of the report to any third party.

The inspection report excludes information on the vehicle’s registration, liens or finance secured over the vehicle, or ownership of the vehicle. This information can be provided by purchasing a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

The inspection report excludes information on the value of the vehicle. However, information on the vehicle’s value can be provided by purchasing a Red Book vehicle valuation certificate.

The information provided in the report is accurate to the best knowledge Express Mobile Auto Care at the time of the inspection and Express Mobile Auto Care disclaims all liability on behalf of itself, to the extent permitted by law, for any error, omission, defect, failure and/or for any damages arising out of reliance upon the report.

*Conditions apply